Win Heaps Of Free Spins, Cash, and Prizes Through Playamo VIP Club

Promotion Summary
  • Everyone is a member of the Playamo VIP Club from day one
  • Every wager earns you CPs, or Casino Points
  • Earn enough CPs, and you’ll rise to the next level
  • Win free spins, cash, or prizes every time you gain a level

We all want to feel valued. Sadly, just as in real life, many online gaming VIP Clubs are reserved for the biggest bettors.

However, many sites, like Playamo, are making their loyalty programs more accessible to the everyday gamer. Everybody is on a level playing field – the more you wager, the more you realize the benefits. But, even if you don't play a tonne, you still get some perks.

Below, we'll show you how you can earn increasingly valuable prizes through the Playamo VIP Club.

How does this promo work?

Everyone is a member of the Playamo VIP Club from day one. From that point, it's all up to you. Every wager earns CPs or Casino Points. Earn enough, and eventually, you'll "level up."

When you move up to the next level, you get a prize. For instance, moving up to level two gets you 15 free spins. By level six, you start earning cash prizes ($50 and up). And, if you amass five million million CPs, you'll get the ultimate gift – a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Along the way, you can also redeem CPs for bonus cash. Don't worry – you won't sacrifice levelling up when you convert CPs to bonus money. Playamo will continue to keep track of that for you, so grab as much bonus cash as you desire. Every 100 CPs gets you $1, so when you collect a bunch, go ahead and change them over.