Test your might! Win up to $200 in free bets every weekend on Karamba

Promotion Summary
  • Play KaramGUESS every Saturday and Sunday
  • Opt in with your username, and guess the outcome to four randomly-selected wagers
  • If you’re right, you could win up to $200 in free bet tokens

Your whole life, you’ve been a sports knowledge machine. You’ve watched every game, read every article, and listened to every podcast. Because of this, you have beaten your friends on friendly wagers more times than you can count.

What if you could take that knowledge, and turn it into HUNDREDS of dollars in FREE BETS each weekend? That’s the opportunity Karamba offers sports bettors every weekend. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll tell you more.

How does this promo work?

Every Saturday and Sunday, Karamba hosts a quiz contest they call KaramGUESS. Playing is easy – simply enter your username to opt-in. Do this, and they’ll present you with four random wagers. If you correctly guess the outcome of all four, you’ll win a $100 free bet token!

But don’t stop there! On Sunday, you’ll get to do it again, with a fresh set of questions. Nail all four again, and your $100 free bet will become a $200 FREE BET!

Best of all – entry is free to all Karamba account holders! Think you got what it takes to beat KaramGUESS? They’ll be waiting for you next weekend!

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