Get A Portion Of Your Wagers Back Every Day Via PartyCasino Cashback

Promotion Summary
  • Log into PartyCasino
  • Turn on Cashback in your PartyCasino account
  • Earn a percentage of every wager as Cashback

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – that's online gaming for you. That said, most of us enjoy winning more.

That's why PartyCasino has created one of the better Cashback programmes on the internet. Follow us below the fold, and we'll show you how it works, and how to enable it.

How does this promo work?

PartyCasino offers players a way to win, no matter what. By enabling their Cashback programme, you'll earn a portion of every bet you make as cashback.

Here's how to sign up – start by logging onto your PartyCasino account. Then, direct your attention to the top of the landing page. Notice a slider button labelled "Cashback"? Click it. From that point onward, you'll earn a portion of every wager as cashback.

The amount you earn depends on what game you're playing. Only 0.025% of every blackjack wager goes to your Cashback balance, whilst 0.25% of every scratcher ticket does.

When you earn over $1, you can move your Cashback balance (in $1 increments) to your main balance. These funds are real cash, which means you can withdraw it immediately if you wish.

Lastly, keep your eyes open for "Double Cashback" promos. As the name suggests, you'll earn cashback at double the normal rate during these offers.