Play Bingo Every Sunday With Unibet And Win Up To $3,000!

Promotion Summary
  • Play the Supersized Game on Unibet Bingo every Sunday morning at 8 am NZT
  • Pre-buy tickets for $1.50 each – max 100 per player
  • You could win a top prize of $3,000 every week

In the space of a week, pandemic has upended all our routines. It's even taken bingo away from us. Now, that makes sense – most bingo halls are social distancing NIGHTMARES.

However, the highlight of your week is GONE now. Or... is it?

You can now play bingo online. That's been true for a while, but as a raving extrovert, you're only learning this now.

If you're hunting for a place to play, we recommend Unibet. Every Sunday, you can play for BIG money. Scroll below, and we'll tell you more!

How does this promo work?

Unibet is a leader in online bingo. They offer games around the clock, but Unibet also hosts weekend events you won't want to miss.

Unibet's Supersized Bingo Game goes every Sunday at 8 am NZT. From $1.50 per ticket, you can compete against players from around the world for a $3,000 top prize.

Want to increase your odds? Unibet allows you to pre-buy as many as 100 tickets. After that, though, all you can do is sit back as Unibet calls the numbers.

Sure, it's not the same as "real world" bingo. But, in these surreal times, this will have to do. Get over to Unibet and get your piece of their weekend jackpots!