Turn your love of gaming into exclusive perks through the LeoVegas VIP programme

Promotion Summary
  • Invitation-only
  • Exclusive perks and prizes
  • The higher your rank the faster you'll collect points

You’ve always been a thrill seeker. Whether that means bungee jumping au naturel or eating a ghost pepper on a dare, you need adrenaline daily.

When you spend time on the net, cruising Facebook isn’t enough for you. Ever since you found online gaming, you’ve rarely missed a day. You know it isn’t a profitable endeavour long-term – you just like the rush of hitting a big score.

Because of this, you need to realize how valuable you are to online casinos. If your current site isn’t showering you with cool bonuses and other perks, you deserve one that does.

LeoVegas is an example of a gaming site that values its players. Below, we’ll spill the details on their VIP programme.

How does this programme work?

Unlike VIP schemes on other sites, the LeoVegas VIP Programme isn’t an invitation-only club. To join, you only have to do one thing – opt into communications from LeoVegas. You can do this from your profile – once you have, every real-money bet you make will earn you points.

As you level up, the perks you get will improve. Points will accrue at a faster rate, better bonuses will be available, and you’ll get gifts on your birthday. At higher levels, you’ll get personal account managers, faster withdrawals, and tickets to special events.

Lastly, VIPs at any level qualify for a monthly draw. One player in each tier will win prizes ranging from trips to the latest electronics.

Play somewhere that appreciates your business – join LeoVegas and its VIP programme today!

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