Get Your Share Of 6,000 Free Spins Via Playamo’s Freespins Waterfall!

Promotion Summary
  • Navigate to Playamo’s Freespins Waterfall promo page
  • Get one lottery ticket for every $15 you deposit
  • Draw is held every five days, with 175 prizes of 10-200 free spins awarded
  • Players can win multiple prizes

At times in our lives, we'll go through stretches where nothing goes right. Everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong.

However, for every unlucky streak, there is its inverted opposite. There are periods where everything we touch turns to gold (metaphorically speaking, of course.)

If you find yourself in the latter phase, we have a Playamo promo you'll want to take advantage of. Scroll down below, and we'll tell you all about it.

How does this promo work?

Every five days, an ongoing promo called Freespins Waterfall happens on Playamo. It is a "lottery ticket" promotion that awards you draw tickets for depositing on the site.

Start by navigating over to the Freespins Waterfall promo page on Playamo. Then, click on "Buy Tickets." Every $15 you deposit on Playamo through this offer will get you a lottery ticket.

Once the counter on the promo page hits zero, Playamo will draw 175 numbers. If you hold a winning ticket, you'll win anywhere between 10-200 free spins. Note that you can win multiple times – the more tickets you have, the better your chances!

Want to win a bunch of free spins for doing what you usually do each week? Take advantage of Playmao's Freespins Waterfall lottery this week!

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