Active Promotion

Win Your Share of $25,000 Wagering on US Open Tennis on Unibet

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto Unibet
  • Opt-in on the contest page
  • Wager on US Open match-ups
  • Earn points for every winning bet made
  • Finish in the top 250 to win a share of $25,000

It’s that time of year again – the US Open is happening over in America. So, if you enjoy wagering on tennis, that means a solid fortnight of marquee match-ups. And in the online betting world, Unibet is one of the best places to wager. Win enough bets, and you could win a slice of a $25,000 prize pool.

Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show you how this contest works.

How Does This Promo Work?

Start by logging onto Unibet. Next, head over to the US Open Betting Championship promo page. On this page, you’ll find an opt-in button – click on it. Then, go to your betting dashboard and find some match-ups to wager on. Lastly, sit back and watch the action unfold. For every bet you win, you’ll get leaderboard points – finish in the top 250 to claim your share of $25,000.

Terms & Conditions

What a fun contest! But, as always, there are terms and conditions to be aware of:

  1. To earn leaderboard points, your winning bet must settle by 9:59 am NZT on 13 September.
  2. If you make a multiple bet, all selections must be US Open matches. Multiples containing a mix of US Open and non-US Open wagers will not count towards this promo.
  3. Cashed out wagers will not contribute leaderboard points.