Earn a TONNE of cash on EPIC acca bets with KaramBOOST

Promotion Summary
  • Make at least a 4-fold acca bet on Karamba
  • Earn a minimum of 4% to a maximum of 77% in profit boosts
  • Each wager must be a pre-match selection, and have odds of 1.2 or higher

As convenient as single sports bets are, they don’t often pay well. Either you have to wager on the underdog, or bet a pile on the favourite and hope they hold.

If you view sports betting as a fun hobby, though, there is a better way to play. By making acca bets, you can magnify a small wager into a massive payday.

Better yet, some sportsbooks will sweeten the pot with bonuses known as profit boosts. As the name suggests, it takes your winnings and adds extra money on top.

With Karamba, you could increase your payout by up to 77%! Want to know more? Scroll below the fold, and we’ll tell you all about KaramBOOST.

How does this promo work?

Karamba’s sportsbook offers an ongoing promotion it calls KaramBOOST. In short, it rewards ambitious sports bettors willing to make at least a 4-fold acca bet.

It works like this: At a minimum, make a 4-fold acca bet. All wagers must be pre-match selections, and each must have odds of 1.2 or higher. If you hit all four choices, Karamba will boost your profits by 4%.

Sound lame? The rewards escalate with each additional selection. Make a 6-fold acca bet, and you’ll earn 10% extra if you win. A successful 8-fold wager will get you 20%. Make a winning 9-fold, and receive 25% extra.

What if you lose your mind and put together a 15-fold acca? Well, if you somehow win, Karamba will boost your already massive win by 77%!

Details can be found over on Karamba. Don’t waste another second on weak two or 3-fold bets – give KaramBOOST a shot!

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