The Road To A Ferrari 488 GTB Begins With A Single Wager On Playamo!

Promotion Summary
  • Everyone is a member of the Playamo VIP Program from day one
  • Earn CPs (casino points) with every bet you make on Playamo
  • Earn FREE SPINS or REAL CASH every time you graduate to the next level
  • Reach the highest level (level ten) to win a Ferrari 488 GTB

You play as hard as you work. As a result, you hate when you think your efforts are going to waste. In online gaming, merit-based VIP programs have a lot of promise. However, when you have to play to hours to earn the equivalent of a dollar, there's a problem.

When you put in serious hours at the tables/pokies, you deserve a just reward. Playamo's VIP Program, in our estimation, puts these rewards within your reach. Follow us below, and we'll show you how you can earn a hot SPORTS CAR through your gameplay.

How does this promo work?

Like most major gaming platforms, Playamo has a VIP program. However, unlike sites that reserve this club for high rollers, they admit everyone.

On day one, you're a member. How much of its spoils you reap, however, depends on you. Every wager you make earns you CPs or Casino Points. You need 25 of them to advance to level two.

Upon admittance to this level, Playamo will grant you 15 FREE SPINS. With every "level up," the prizes get better. At level six, you'll start bagging REAL CASH awards ($50.)

But the ultimate prize awaits at the top. Get to level ten, and you'll drive away with a cherry red Ferrari 488 GTB!

Up for a REAL challenge? Get on Playamo today and show us your stuff!