Got sports betting chops? Show them off and get inducted to the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame!

Promotion Summary
  • Record the highest net win, win with the longest odds, or win on the most complex acca bet of the month to make the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame
  • Inductees will win $250 cash
  • To qualify, you must make all wagers on mobile, with a minimum stake of $10

Since you were young, you’ve played and watched sports with your friends. Along the way, you’ve developed a better feel for these games than them. After years of wagering with them, you know you’re the best wagerer.

Except… they won’t have any of it. Despite your meticulous stats, they laugh you off when the inevitable off-week happens. If only there were a feat you could achieve that would cement your reputation as an elite sports bettor.

Have you ever heard of the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame? If not, follow us below, and we’ll show you a club that’s fiendishly hard to get into.

How does this promo work?

Anybody can bet on a slight underdog and look like a genius on Monday morning. But nailing long shots on a relatively consistent basis – that takes skill.

That’s what you’ve got to do to get into the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame. Want these guys to induct you? There are three ways. First, you can nail the biggest net win of the month – go big, or go home. Second, you can win with the longest odds – that takes courage. And finally, you can get into the Hall of Fame with the most complex acca bet.

All require courage and forethought – things that most sports bettors don’t have enough of. If you pull it off, you won’t just get your name in lights – you’ll score an extra $250 as well!

Think you’ve got what it takes? October’s just started – get after it mate… good luck!

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