Busy? Fit QUICK Pokie Tourneys Into Your Schedule With Rizk Races!

Promotion Summary
  • Rizk Races last less than an hour, and run around the clock
  • Win hundreds of free spins or cash prizes if you place
  • Get up to $300 for first by participating in the “main Rizk Races” each day

You're a busy professional. Commitments occupy just about every hour of your day – whilst it can be tiring, your company pays you well.

One of your few regrets – not having the time to play long-form pokie tournaments. Because of your schedule, you can't compete with players who can spin away for hours at a time.

Fortunately, Rizk understands your predicament. They've come up with a concept they call Rizk Races. Below, we'll show you how these quick pokie tournaments are perfect for a busy person like you.

How does this promo work?

Every hour, a new Rizk Race launches on Rizk. These 55-minute pokie tournaments are perfect for those who don't have a lot of time to spare.

Start by opting in for the next Rizk Race. Then, once the timer starts, you have 55 minutes to amass as many points within the spins allotted.

Rizk awards points for wins, big wins, winning streaks, and losing streaks. In the end, those who place win cash or prizes.

Standard Rizk Races award dozens of free spins to winners. However, those who participate in the "main Rizk Races" can win CASH as well! The most lucrative Rizk Race of the day awards $300 for first!

Get in on the pokie tourney action – head over to Rizk and jump in a Rizk Race ASAP!

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