Active Promotion

Nail a Blackjack With Three 7s & Double Your Wins on 777 Casino

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto 777 Casino
  • Sit at 777 Live Blackjack
  • Make a blackjack with 7-7-7 to double your wins

At times, blackjack can be tiresome. You win, you lose, you win, you lose. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a boost?

777 Casino offers its blackjack players that opportunity. Make a blackjack using their brand, and you’ll double your proceeds. Not sure what that means? Follow us below, and we’ll explain everything you need to know about this promo.

How does this promo work?

Start by logging onto 777 Casino. Then, head to the live dealer casino and take a seat at 777 Live Blackjack. Lastly, when the dealer slides you a pair of 7s, try to nail a third 7. If you make a blackjack with 7-7-7, 777 Casino will double your win up to $1,000.

As always, there are terms and conditions to note. Firstly, 777 Casino pays out contest funds in real cash. So, if you wish, you can withdraw your prize immediately. Secondly, when you get your pair of 7s, NOT split them – doing so will void the promotion.

And that’s it. We hope you have nothing but the best of luck at the tables.