Win $300 In Less Than An Hour – Join A Rizk Race

Promotion Summary
  • Rizk Races run every hour, 24/7
  • Main Rizk Races offer up to $300 cash twice daily
  • Win up to 100 free spins in other Rizk Races

Pokie tourneys are great fun. Unfortunately, these events usually take a full day or week to complete. This format doesn't work for busy people.

Rizk Online Casino has solved this problem. Follow us below the fold, and we'll tell you all about Rizk Races.

How does this promo work?

Rizk Races are pokie tournaments that only take an hour to complete. They run every hour on the hour, around the clock, at Rizk Online Casino. In these tourneys, you can usually win up to 100 free spins. Twice a day, the two daily Main Rizk Races offer a top prize of $300 cash.

Participate by navigating to the Rizk Races page, and opting into the next Race. This act will load the participating pokie. In your pokie tourney time slot, you'll have a set number of spins to complete, and a minimum bet. Meet both, and you'll qualify for possible prizes.

To place, you'll need to rack up as many points as possible. Wins, big wins, winning streaks, and losing streaks will allow you to collect them. And that's it – we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming Rizk Race.