Not into pokies? Win your share of 1,000 weekly playing table games on BitStarz

Promotion Summary
  • Weekly tables tournament
  • Prizes for the top 20 bettors, $800 up for grabs

You’ve never really got the point of pokies. Betting, pulling a lever, and hoping for the best – where’s the challenge in that? When you game online, you like playing strategically. For this reason, games like blackjack, roulette, and table game poker have always appealed more to you.

Sites base most of their casino tournaments around pokies. This move makes sense – they are by far the most popular online game. Fortunately, enterprising online casinos like BitStarz have created a tourney format for table games.

Read all about it below.

How does this promotion work?

Every week, BitStarz holds a table games tournament called Table Wars. Every Monday at 9 pm, a new race begins. From then until 8:59 pm the following Monday, those who are the top 20 bettors of the week win a prize.

These prizes range from at least €5 for 20th place to €500 for the 1st place finisher. That’s well over $800 for playing the games you love. Ready to show the world how much you love table games? Jump on BitStarz today and get betting!

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