Hunt Blackjacks, Win REAL CASH: This February ONLY On Guts Casino!

Promotion Summary
  • Sit at NetEnt Live Blackjack starting at 12:01 pm NZT every Monday in February
  • Hit two blackjacks in a row, win $20 REAL CASH
  • Hit three blackjacks in a row: win $150 REAL CASH
  • Hit four blackjacks in a row: win $500 REAL CASH

There's no denying it: Blackjack players often get the short shrift when it comes to bonuses. Whilst pokie players have a wealth of bonus-chasing opportunities, casinos often leave folks like you out in the cold.

When a truly great bonus DOES come around, though, they tend to stand out. On Guts Casino, you have an UNMISSABLE opportunity this month.

Scroll down below, and we'll dish the dirty details!

How does this promo work?

Every Monday in February, Guts Casino will be handing out untold THOUSANDS in REAL CASH to blackjack players. Want your piece? Every Monday starting at 12:01 pm NZT, sit at NetEnt Live Blackjack.

Play as you normally would until you hit a blackjack. When you do, immediately try to hit another one. If you manage to nail two blackjacks in a row, you'll get $20 in REAL CASH. Three in a row will earn you $150, whilst an unthinkable four in a row will get you $500 in WITHDRAWABLE CASH!

Sound like a fun time to you? We're excited too, but don't miss out – after the last Monday in February, this promotion ends! Now, get out there and bring it home!

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