Active Promotion

Earn Free Bets, Profit Boosts, and Cash with the LeoVegas Live Club

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto LeoVegas using your mobile device
  • Claim the LVLC Reward Card in "My Offers"
  • Go to the sportsbook and wager on any live sport
  • For every five qualifying bets made per week, you'll win free bets or profit boosts
  • Earn monthly leaderboard points for every qualifying bet that wins
  • Finish in the top 40 each calendar month to win free bets or cash prizes

Sports betting is a great way to add a little spice to game night. But what if there were a way to juice things up even more? You already know where this is going – yes, of course there is!

Over on LeoVegas, they have a programme called the LVLC, or the LeoVegas Live Club. Every week, you can earn free bets and profit boosts by making heaps of qualifying bets (more on this later). And each month, you could win stacks of cash through their monthly leaderboard.

Enough build-up – scroll down below, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

How Does This Promo Work?

Begin by logging onto LeoVegas on mobile. Then, head into your “My Offers” section and grab and claim the LVLC Reward Card. Next, head over to the LeoVegas sportsbook and find some live betting markets. Find ones with odds of 1.5 or longer and put down at least 45 NZD. By satisfying these conditions, you’ll have made a qualifying wager. The first of each week will get you a 5% profit boost, with an additional profit boost and free bet prizes coming with every fifth qualifying bet.

But that’s not all – each calendar month, the LVLC also holds a leaderboard tournament. For every winning qualifying wager, you’ll get points (based on your wager amount, odds, and the number of selections). If you finish in the top 40, you’ll qualify for either free bets or cash prizes. End up in first, and you’ll win at least $1,500.

Terms & Conditions

We love ambitious promos like this one. But, as you might suspect, there are terms and conditions to note:

  1. You must place all wagers in this promo on mobile devices.
  2. To qualify for this promotion, you must reclaim their LVLC Card from “My Offers” at the start of each week.
  3. Wagers placed with bonus funds are not eligible for this promotion.
  4. In this offer, LeoVegas awards cash in the form of real money. As such, these funds are free of wagering requirements and may be withdrawn straight away.