Karamboost: the more wins you accumulate, the crazier it gets!

Promotion Summary
  • Make a 4-fold selection or greater to qualify
  • Boosts profit on an ever escalating percentage
  • Win a 15-fold selection and receive a 77% boost

Ahh, betting: it’s the hot sauce that makes the drama of sport even better. It makes matches you couldn’t care less about entertaining, and it heightens the high when your team wins.

However, the payoff of single bets can be lukewarm, unless you bet on an underdog. As a result, you have turned to parlay, or accumulator bets. Made up of four selections or more, they require each one to win for you to collect.

As hard as that sounds, the prizes are much more significant. Bet $20, win well over $100 – not a thing wrong with that!

What if a sports betting site made your accas even juicier? That’s what Karamba does every day – read on below for more details.

How does this promotion work

Karamba has an ongoing promo in its sportsbook called Karamboost. If you make a 4-fold selection or greater, this site will boost your profit by an ever-escalating percentage.

They’ll increase a 4-fold win by 4%, a 5-fold by 7%, a 6-fold by 10%, and so on. If you have the stones to make a 15-fold selection, Karamba will boost it by 77% – if you pull it off.

There’s just one catch: every selection you make must have minimum odds of 1.2 or higher. Apart from that, bet away, knowing that Karamba will toss some extra cheddar on top when you win.

Ready to make bank this weekend? Make some wagers on Karamba – good luck!

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