Outspin, outwin, outlast – will you be BitStarz Last Man Standing?

Promotion Summary
  • Wager $40 on Day 1 of Last Man Standing to opt-in
  • Bet through $40 everyday every day thereafter
  • Outlast the field to win $5,000

Stamina – not many people possess this quality. It grants the ability to stick with a goal whilst others get tired and distracted.

It powers runners through marathons. It keeps entrepreneurs going when others quit. And it holds gamers together when luck turns against them.

Think you can outlast your fellow punters in the ultimate wagering contest? Follow us below, and we’ll tell you all about BitStarz’s Last Man Standing.

How does this promo work?

For over 246 days, BitStarz‘s most committed gamers have been battling it out. Out of thousands, only seven remain. Soon, the current round of Last Man Standing will end, and another will begin.

On Day 1 of the next contest, bet through $40. This act will sign you up as a participant in the upcoming Last Man Standing contest. Every day after, you’ll need to wager through $40 to stay in the hunt. Outlast the entire field, and you’ll score $5,000 cash!

For most, this contest seems easy enough. However, it takes more commitment than the average person can muster. You’ve got this, though – you sleep, eat, and breathe gaming. To you, $40 in wagers is your warm-up routine.

When the next Last Man Standing begins, you’ll be ready. Make us proud!

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