Pokie Wars: Win Your Share of $5,000 Or 5,000 Free Spins Every Week On BitStarz

Promotion Summary
  • No opt-in is required for this contest
  • Earn points for every wager you make
  • Place in the top 150 each week to win cash or prizes

Pokie tournaments offer regulars a chance to earn cash/prizes for the gaming they already do. BitStarz has a weekly pokie tourney series that is gaining in popularity – Slot Wars.

Follow us below, and we'll show you how to win your share of $5,000/5,000 free spins per week.

How does this promo work?

BitStarz's Slot Wars runs every week from Sunday 10:01 NZT to Sunday 9:59 NZT. You don't have to opt into this contest – the site enters all BitStarz players by default.

Throughout the week, put in the hours. Every wager earns you points, and as you go, you can monitor your progress. If you place in the top 150, you'll win cash or free spins. At a minimum, you'll walk away with 25 free spins. If you finish in first, you'll get $1,500.

As always, there are conditions to note. When playing, ensure you wager using your actual bankroll. Wagers made from your bonus bankroll will not give you pokie tourney points. BitStarz awards all prizes in real cash, or no-wager free spins. Please allow 48 hours from the end of the tourney for BitStarz to award prizes.