Win even when you lose: Introducing Cashback, by PartyCasino

Promotion Summary
  • Log into your PartyCasino account
  • Opt in using the Cashback button at the top of the page
  • Collect Cashback with every real money wager you make

Online gaming can be like a roller coaster at times. Some days, everything you touch turns to gold. On others, you can’t hit a 3x or higher combo to save your life. Thankfully, bonuses help to ease the sting of losing.

What if there was a bonus that allowed you to win, no matter what? Now, that sounds daft, but we assure you, such a programme does exist. On PartyCasino, you can earn money back on every bet you make.

Do we have your attention? If free money on every wager appeals to you, scroll below, and we’ll tell you more.

How does this promo work?

Hate losing? So do we. However, with PartyCasino’s Cashback, you’ll come away with a small win, every session. Okay, so technically, some sessions will still be losses, but you get what we’re saying, right?

Here’s how it works: Start by logging into your PartyCasino account. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a slider button that says, “Cashback.” Click on it, and you’ll become a Cashback member.

From that moment forward, PartyCasino will give you a small portion of each bet you make. The percentage varies depending on the game you’re playing. For instance, blackjack players only get 0.025% of each wager. However, those playing pokies will get 0.1% of each spin bet. Play an instant win scratcher, and you’ll get 0.25% per ticket.

Once the balance exceeds $1, you can move it to your bankroll. Whether you play with it or withdraw it is up to you. Love free money? Then, don’t miss out on this fantastic programme!

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