Online Scratchies - Best Bonuses in New Zealand 2019

Below you'll find all the best promotions for online scratchies in New Zealand for June 2019. We've listed all the top scratchie sites and bundled'em up in a useful list, so you'll always find the best scratch card sites. With our top promotions you can even have fun playing free scratchies for real money; just grab a great no-deposit offer for your free $7.

All the promotions you'll find on this page are both kiwi and mobile friendly. Compared to just a few years ago, playing on mobile is effortless as each site here is mobile friendly with the online scratchies playing exactly as well on your computer, phone or tablet.

Below you'll find all the best promotions for online scratchies in New Zealand for June 2019. We've listed all the top scratchie sites and bundled'em up in a useful list, so you'll always find the best scratch card sites. With our top promotions you can even have fun playing free scratchies for real money; just grab a great no-deposit offer for your free $7.

All the promotions you'll find on this page are both kiwi and mobile friendly. Compared to just a few years ago, playing on mobile is effortless as each site here is mobile friendly with the online scratchies playing exactly as well on your computer, phone or tablet.

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Scratch Card Casino of the Month

Scratch $7 for Free & Receive $100 in Bonuses
  • Top New Zealand scratchies like Scratch King, Mermaid Scratch and Wheel of Luck
  • Instant $7 for free on sign up & Double your 1st deposit up to $100
  • Max winnings of $200 with your $7 no-deposit bonus
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NZ Sites for Scratchies 2019

Free Money for Scratch Cards

Take advantage of the awesome promotions listed on the top of this page, and you can play free online scratch cards, win real money and keep it.

We Kiwis absolutely love playing scratch card games because they are so entertaining and easy to play. Remember that each online casino offers variety of Scratch card games to enjoy, and all you need is to sign up at the casino, open a real money account, grab the awesome welcome bonus and start scratching.

If you’re new to online scratch cards, you’ll be excited to find out that you can try scratching real-money tickets for free. To get started, first choose one of the free-money offers from the table above. Then register at the site, buy scratch tickets, and you’re set for exciting times.

online scratchies

The tennis themed Game, Set, Scratch is one of the most entertaining online scratch games you’ll find.

How to Win Free Money Online Instantly in NZ

Online scratchies are the best way to win online money instantly in NZ. If you’re looking for a quick way to have chance of winning extra dollars on the internet, there’s no better game for it in New Zealand than scratch cards. Scratchies are fast to play and pay out instantly, so no time wasted.

Here’s how to win instantly:

  • First, sign up at a LeoVegas online gambling site
  • Use your free cash to buy scratch tickets
  • Play the tickets you bought
  • If you win, choose to cash out and follow the withdrawal instructions
  • Enjoy your winnings

You’ll find the LeoVegas offer and other free cash deals from the table at the top of this page.

No Deposit Required – Keep What You Win

Nobody says no to a good “no deposit required, keep what you win” bonus. But you can get even more money for playing virtual scratchies.

After you’ve played your free money, there’s more great promos coming your way. While the free money offers are fun, compared to other bonuses they’re the smallest ones. Other promos put a lot more extra cash into your gambling account.

Types of Bonuses

Compared to other types of online gaming we scratchie players get to enjoy great promotions. Here are all the different kinds of scratch-off promotions you’ll encounter at online scratchie sites & casinos:

  • No deposit: Sign up at a scratchie site and have a good time playing free money
  • Deposit match-up: The site matches your deposit. These are excellent for pocketing $100 or even more extra cash
  • Free Spins: You’ll get free spins for pokie games (see here for our free pokie spins list)
  • Prize Draws: Your deposit buys you tickets for a prize draw the site is having. You can win awesome things from gadgets to vacations

Out of these common promotions that scratchie sites run, the best ones money-wise are the deposit match-ups. A no-deposit bonus will give you either $5 or $7. A generous deposit match-up bonus, on the other hand, can easily give you more than NZD$100 extra. That has you smiling and scratching for quite a while!

Our top bonus tip for scratch n win games is to be on a lookout for deposit bonuses that have a great match-up percentage. For example, with Dunder Casino’s 200% bonus you turn your $25 into $75! That’s so many extra scratchies that you’ll enjoy them a long time. That’s so many extra scratchies that you’ll enjoy them a long time.

Top NZ Online Scratch Cards

You’re already familiar with Instant Kiwi and other fun real-life scratchies, so you’ll instantly know how to play online scratch tickets. First choose the right scratch game, then reveal the symbols and see if you won.

Best online scratch cards:

Scratchie Biggest Win Price
Cashapillar Scratch $10.000 $2
Halloweenies Scratch $500 $2
Bingo Bonanza $20.000 $1
Hand to Hand Combat $200 $1
Game Set And Scratch $20.000 $2
cashapillar instant win scratchie

Playing Cashapillar scratch card by Microgaming.

Easy to Play

You will find that online scratch cards, like their paper counterparts, are easy to play and offer equal amount of entertainment and interactivity compared to offline games

Getting started with online scratch games is ridiculously easy. Compared to offline games, online scratch games work exactly alike. Scratch off the ticket and see if you got the winning symbols and celebrate if you did.

There is only one difference between an online and real-life scratch. The difference is that one is scratched with a coin and the other one with your finger (on your phone or tablet). Other than that, online and offline games are equally exciting and fun! Both the games are similar and even presented in the same way, using same exciting themse like sports, movies, and hit tv-shows.

Gameplay is the same fun scratch & reveal playing as offline. Scratch the symbols to reveal what is hidden beneath, with your options for doing it being doing it either one by one choosing the order to reveal the hidden symbols, or enjoy online scratch cards’ “Reveal All” function, which reveals all the symbols automatically greatly speeding up the gameplay.

Online scratchies are available at all the best online casinos, like LeoVegas, PartyCasino and Rizk. These are excellent gaming sites, where Kiwis have enjoyed scratchies, pokies and casino games for years.

Playing With Your Mobile Device

You don’t need a computer to play real-money games online, be it scratchies or online pokies or anything else. Just grab your phone or tablet, and you’re set to have a bit of fun anywhere, any time.

Compared to other gambling games, online scratch cards are easy on your phone when it comes to processing power and data requirements. You can enjoy great gaming even on an old phone and a sketchy mobile data connection. You’re good to go with every data connection: 2G, 3G or 4G.

This is how simple it’s to play scratchies on your mobile phone:

  1. Sign up at a scratchie site
  2. Complete the registration
  3. Visit the banking section to deposit a few dollars
  4. Buy tickets
  5. Start scratching

Whereas players in the UK get to download real-money scratch ticket apps, they aren’t available in New Zealand app stores. So, to get started simply sign up at a scratch site and play. It couldn’t be any simpler!

Android and iPhone Scratchies & Apps

Great news for you, as of 2019 you can enjoy real-money scratch tickets on your phone.

To play awesome new scratch games for real money on your phone you sign up at an online casino and play there. You can skip downloading an app, in New Zealand both Google Play and Apple App Store only have games for fun, not for real money.

All phones work equally well for Scratchies: Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Honor, … they’re all ok. Compared to each other, Apple and Android phones are equal in gaming too.

NZ Real-Money Scratch Tickets

Compared to offline, “real life,” Instant Kiwi tickets, the online games available in New Zealand have bigger wins and a higher return percentage. These two great qualities make them more attractive to casual players, as they offer a better chance of winning.

Here’s a comparison of internet and offline scratchies:

Offline Online
Ticket Price $1 – $15 $0.1 – $100
Maximum win $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Payout percentage 52.7%* 95%
Popular games Golden Kiwi, Hit The Slopes, Lucky Ticket, Cash Spectacular, Crossword Riches Bingo Bonanza, Crossword CASH, Cashapillar, Halloweenies
Free money available No Yes
Bonus money available No Yes

* source

The real eye opener above is the excellent “payout percentage” of online games. Payout is is how much money is returned to players as winnings. So a traditional $1 scratchie you’d buy at Countdown or Z pays out on average NZ$0.53, whereas an online one pays $0.95, so twice as much. This is all mathematics, of course, but when a game has double the odds of winning you’ll be cheering a win twice as often.

Additionally, while playing them is the same, there is a key difference between online and offline games when it comes to your chance of winning. Physical lotto scratch cards have prizes determined long before you purchase one, whereas online at the start of the game the symbols are produced by a RNG (random number generator), meaning that you have the same chances of winning every time and nobody has already bought all the winning tickets.

Instant Scratchies – Instant Wins

If you win online, the game pays out to your gambling account immediately. All online scratch tickets are instant win ones.

When you play online, you never need to wait for your money. The moment you see three same symbols on your lucky card and win, you get paid the winnings to your account. The whole win process is instant.

After winning, cash out or to buy new tickets. The choice is yours.

Win Big

How much money you can win from an online instant scratchie is always tied to the price of the card. Choose your wager smartly; with a bigger bet you can buy fewer cards but win more.

Typically, an online scratch-n-win game has a maximum win of 2000 to 10.000 times the price of the ticket. Just imagine how awesome it’d feel to win $30.000 on a $3 ticket! Progressive jackpot games always have winnings even bigger than this. In fact, compared to normal ones the progressive games have gigantic jackpots.

There are two kinds of online scratchies: standard and growing jackpot ones.

Regular games have a pre-set jackpot, which goes from 2,000 to 10,000 times the price of a ticket. Choose to play a $3 card, for example, and you can win between $6,000 and $1,000,000.

While growing jackpots are more commonly found in pokies, jackpot scratchies have them too. These games have huge prizes, as a portion of the game’s purchase price goes into a growing multi-million jackpot. The pot grows until a lucky player wins it with by scratching the right symbols.

A lucky traditional scratch ticket can win you a million NZD. While worth celebrating wildly, a million is not a lot compared to online jackpots.

Lucky online players have won pots of over 10 million NZD. These are the kinds of incredible jackpots we’ve only seen in lotteries in New Zealand, but now they are available online too. And these scratchies are instant win games, so no need to wait for the next Powerball lotto draw.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

When you get lucky and win big, you’re going to withdraw your winnings. You’ll find cashing out straightforward at our recommended scratch sites. You just need to know that the cash out process is going to take between 3-5 working days.

Here’s how to cash out at a scratch ticket site:

  1. Go to the cashier section of the scratch site
  2. Choose to cash out
  3. Choose the cash out method (we recommend bank transfer)
  4. Provide the ID and utility bill pic the casino asks for
  5. Receive your winnings 1-2 days later

Every casino will ask you for the pictures mentioned in step 3, as they’re required to do so. Follow the customer service’s instructions, and your money will be on its way.

And of course, the winnings are always tax-free for Kiwi players, so you can enjoy every last cent yourself.

Note, that scratchie casinos have monthly withdrawal limits. For example, Karamba Casino has a monthly withdrawal of $10,000. When your gambling session is a huge success and you want to withdraw more, simply take it out over a longer period of time.

Online Scratch Ticket FAQ

Are online scratch games safe to play?

Online scratchies are safe to play. To ensure fairness and to keep your funds safe, online gaming sites are licensed and supervised by government organizations like the UK Gambling Commission. Many scratch sites, like the ones we recommend, are big publicly listed companies that have been in the business for more than 20 years with millions of satisfied customers.

Is it legal to play real-money online scratchies in New Zealand?

Here's some excellent news: in New Zealand you can legally play any gambling games online. This includes scratchies, bingo, pokies and everything else. For example, if you wish to play at a highly reputable online casino give Party Casino a go. It's part of the biggest online gaming company in the world so you can be assured your money is safe at Party Casino and that the games are legit.

Can I buy scratch offs online?

Online gaming sites have an incredible variety of scratch games for you to enjoy. The simplest way to buy and enjoy scratching online tickets is to register at a gaming site and to pay the cards with your Visa or Mastercard. The games are equally fun to play on phone, tablet and computer. If you win, you can withdraw the winnings to your New Zealand bank account.

How much are online strachies?

Choose your stakes carefully: you can set your own price for online scratch games. The price depends on the game, but most games allow you to set the per ticket price from $0.10 all the way up to $100 per ticket. Price of the ticket directly affects how much you can win. This is because the win amounts are multiples of the ticket price.

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