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All the casinos we list have a great, safe reputation and are licensed and regulated by local authorities for responsible gaming. You can play Monopoly Live and other games for real money (NZD) at these gambling sites on desktop, tablet & mobile devices (Android & iPhone).

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Monopoly Live – New Casino Game

Monopoly Live is a hugely popular and unique live casino game by Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. It combines the classic Monopoly board game with money wheel style gaming. To play the game you place a wager on one of the following segments: 1, 2, 5, 10, “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls”.

The host of the game spins the 54-segment money wheel and if the Monopoly Wheel stops on your chosen segment you win. The game’s $500,000 maximum win of its 3d bonus round rivals that of progressive jackpots of online slots.

Game Facts:

Game Provider Evolution Gaming
Official Name Monopoly Live
Play in Cad Yes
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $5,000
Maximum Win $500,000
Languages English, German, Italian
Mobile Android, iOS
Special Features Augmented Reality, Random Cash Prizes
Bonus Game 3d Monopoly Bonus Round

This popular online game is based on Evolution Gaming’s older Dream Catcher casino game. It adds a great Monopoly feel to the proceedings with Monopoly themed money wheel and augmented reality 3d Mr Monopoly. This computer created 3d guy sits on a couch next to the host of the game, but jumps up when the random multiplier bonus reaches high numbers and big wins are imminent.

evolution gaming live monopoly nz

New round of Monopoly Live to start. Notice the augmented reality Mr Monopoly relaxing on the couch.

Playing The Money Wheel Game

Use the games interface to place a wager on one or more of the following segments:

  • 1, 2, 5, 10
  • 2 Rolls
  • 4 Rolls

First, all players bet on one or more of the segments. After the betting clock counts down the game host starts the round by spinning the wheel. The wheel has 54 segments divided by pins. The numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) appear a total of 48 times. In addition, there’s two Chance segments, 2 Rolls appears 3 times and 4 Rolls once. If the wheel stops either on a segment you bet on or Chance, you’ve won. If the money wheel stops on 2/4 Rolls you enter the bonus game.

Numbered Wins
Segments 1, 2, 5 and 10 pay out money. See below for the sums.

2 & 4 Rolls
These activate a Bonus Game, where Mr Monopoly moves around the board game. The 3d Monopoly board shown during this bonus round has all the familiar elements of the board game like houses, hotels, Taxes, Go to Jail, Community Chest and so on. Dice are rolled (roll doubles for more rolls of the dice!) and Mr Monopoly running around the 3d Monopoly board and collects prizes depending on which square he stops on. If youre lucky, you can get up to 200 random multiplier bonus from this round.

Chance Multiplier Bonus
When the wheel lands on “Chance” segment, you either win a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus based on chance cards. If the chance card shows a multiplier all bets stay in place and any wins will be multiplied.

Multiplying can happen more than once. Let’s say there’s two Chances in a row with 10x and 5x, this’d mean that if you win with the next sping you’d get a big win as the amount would be multiplied with 50!

Odds of Winning & RTP

The exact return to player of Monopoly Live and its odds of winning depend on how you bet. However, on average the RTP is around 93% making it’s odds of winning similar to Slots and slightly lower than live casino table games games like Online Blackjack or Online Roulette. You can use Live Casino Bonuses to boost your odds of winning.

Monopoly Bet Odds to Win Pay Out RTP
1 41.7% 1 to 1 92.9%
2 27.8% 2 to 1 96.2%
5 13.0% 5 to 1 91.3%
10 7.4% 10 to 1 96.0%
2 Rolls 5.6% Up to $500,000 93.9%
4 Rolls 1.9% Up to $500,000 93.7%
Chance 3.7% Random --
live monopoly bonus game nz

If the money wheel stops on 2 or 4 Rolls you enter this 3d bonus game with huge win mutipliers.


Monopoly Live strategy is simple. Similar to other live dealer games like Crazy Time, all you need to do is pick your number and roll with it. While most players bet randomly, for optimimus trategy you should bet on the highest RTP segment, which would be 2. Then, if you wish to go for a big win, add in a wager for either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. The exact RTP of the bonus game is unknown. However, considering that rolls of the dice can lead to situations where Mr Monoply collects prizes like 200x multipliers, it’s no wonder players bet on this feature heavily and we agree with this tactics.

You can further boost your odds of winning by getting a deposit bonus. A good live online casino will either multiply your first deposit or offer you cashback for any losses. Both of these bonus options will increase the odds of you winning a pile of cash from Monopoly Live.

Cashback & Deposit Bonus Deals for Monopoly

Online casinos bonuses are aimed mostly at Online Slots and other virtual casino games instead of live games. For Monopoly Live bonus money you should play at a casino that specifically offers a bonus for that online casino’s live game section.

You can expect to find one of these two bonus types available:

  • Cashback: Percentage of your losses is returned to your account
  • Deposit Bonus: Matches your deposit with a certain percentage

Out of these to it’s more common to get a cashback deal, for example Betway and Rizk do this. At Rizk all New Zealand customers get 10% of their losses back automatically once a week. These funds are free of any wagering requirements.

For the best bonuses currently available for this fun game see the table at the start of the page.

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